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Fully Auotmatic Envelope Making Machine

  • Product Name: Fully Auotmatic Envelope Making Machine
  • Application: Wallet Envelope,Pocket Envelope
  • Customized Design: Available


Fully Automatic Envelope Making Machine applications for making 2 side glassses bag:wallet envelope and pocket envelope.

Working Parameter:

Envelope Size 65*65-230*160mm
Paper Thickness 60-180gsm
Working Speed 4000-15000pcs/h
Motor Power 4.5kw
Weight 1350kg
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 3200*950*1200mm


1. With automatic suction head pumping device to suck paper,with high speed and high efficiency.

2. Drawing pin is with seamless chain structure.

3. With automatic creasing device,which is from Germany technology,with higher precision and stable working.

4. With automatic folding and conveyor device,with accurate adjustment.

5. With automatic counting device.Envelope quantity can be preset before machine running.

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