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  • Product Name: A4 Paper Making Machine
  • Application: Offset Paper
  • Customized Design: Available


A4 Paper Cutting Machine applications for cutting jumbo roll into A3/A4 format paper,it can be produced as your production with one jumbo roll to max. 4 jumbo rolls.

Working Parameter:

Max. Web Width 1100mm
Max. Unwind Dia. 1500mm
Min. Vertical Cutting Width 50mm
Cutting Length 20-400mm
Sheeting Precision ±0.2mm
Cutting Speed 140cuts/min
Total Power 10kw
Air Pressure Max. 5.5kg/cm2* 5m3/min
Voltage 380V,3-Phase,50Hz
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 17500*2250*2000mm


1. With PLC Control System and Touch Panel HMI for working parameters preset,convenient operation.

2. With Shaft Unwind Stand for jumbo roll loading,save time and labor.

3. With Automatic Tension Control for machine stable working.

4. With EPC web guide system for material edge tracking,especially for printing material.

5. With disc type blade as slitting blade and crosscutting blade as sheeting blade.

6. With Servo Motor for cutting length control,with high precision.

7. With Automatic Stacker for sheets collection in order.

8. With meter counter and emergency stop.

9. All transmission belts have been dynamic/static balance treatment.

10. Electrical appliciances are strictly in accordance with CE certification.

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