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How to Do Maintenance on Slitting and Rewinder Machine?

Our slitting and rewinding machine is suitable for cutting plastic film such as paper,lamnated material,plastic film(PE,PP,PET,PVC,BOPP),aluminum foil,etc.


1. Before using,pls check the main components of slitting rewinding machine and add lubrication oil.

2. When dismantling automatic slitting rewinding machine,do not use improper tools and operation way.

3. Pls clean and inspect comprehensively every 2 weeks.

4. If it stops running in long time,surface of components is cleaned and painted anti-rust oil,while put plastic sleeve to cover the complete machine.

5. If it stops running more than 3 months,surface painted anti-rust oil will be moisture-proof paper.After finishing working,pls clean the device carefully and add lubrication oil.

Routine Maintenance:

1.To clean and inspect the electrical applicance in regular to eliminate hidden dangers.

2.The use of slitting machine is finished by slitting blade,so it's better to use high quality slitting blade.

3. To keep smooth,clean and liquidation(no dust,no debris) makes equipment sliding parts in good condition.

4. To inspect on rotating parts in regular(especially for vulnerable parts).Regularly adjustment,regularly changing and making note on commutator are to make working lifespan lasting.

5. Improve operator's technology and let one person take in charge on this device,no person should operation by themselves without any permit.