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Paper Slitting Machine Structure and Working Principle

Paper slitting rewinding machine is made of rack,transmission system,unwind & rewind mechanical and tension control device,traction component,cutting bracket device.It cuts jumbo roll into small rolls,the working principle is loading jumbo roll on unwind shaft which is installed with magnetic brake to keep constant tension,there are 2 rubber rollers for traction,cut into different rolls by cutting system and then there are guide rollers to rewind shaft A & B for finished rolls rewinding.Transmission is by main motor to drive rubber roller and rewinding shafts rotated synchronously to achieve feeding and finished rolls rewinding.

1. Rack & Transmission System

    Rack is made of 2 side wall plates,spreader and unwind stand.Transmission system is mainly for jumbo roll traction and finished rolls,which is driven by inverter motor.

2. Rewind Mechanical & Tension Device

    Rewind mechanical is made of chain,synchronous wheel,magnetic clutch and air expanding shaft.Shaft rotation is controlled by one motor,only adjusting magnetic clutch current to change rewinding shaft tension.

3. Traction Component

    Traction component is made of 2 pieces traction rubber rollers and several pieces hard oxidized aluminum roller,which is driven by motor.

4. Cutting Bracket

    There are 2 type:one is disc type slitting and the other is scissor type slitting.To fix lower blade firstly and then adjust upper blade edge close to lower blade.

5. Trimmer Device

    Waste edge is blowed by air blower.

6. Unwind Mechanical & Automatic Rectifying

    Unwind mechanical is made of unwind shaft,supporting blocks,cylinder and base.Automatic rectifying device is made of photoelectric switch,rectifying guide roller,rectifying moving plate,ball nut and screw,synchronous motor and limit switch.