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About Rotary Blade Sheeting Machine

Rotary blade sheeting machine is suitable for cutting different kind of paperboard,corrugated paper,with high speed and high production.

The merits of this type machine is:

1 - Adopts rotary blade,max. cutting speed is 250m/min.

2 - Adopts British cutting way so that effectively reduce cutting load and noise to make cutter working lifespan longer.

3 - Adopts special right-angle adjustment device in the left of blade bracket.It will automatically adjust blade roller angle in accordance with cutting length,so that make sure paper edge is with right angle.

4 - Adopts anti-static device to eliminate static electricity on the paper.

5 - It has a segmented conveyor with different speed,using the speed span to stack paper,with stable working.

6 - Adopts accurate label inserting system,just input the paper sheets quantity to insert automatically.

7 - Adopts PLC control system,convenient operation.